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On Sat, 22 Mar 1997, M. Monninger wrote:

> Greetings Heath Fans...
> Dave, the list master, tells me there are nearly 90 subscribers to the list
> already. Not bad for a list that was set up only yesterday. Let's get some
> interesting discussions going. Sounds like it's kinda like 6M, everyone
> just monitoring but not saying anything. So here's a CQ...
        <*** SNIP ***>
> OK, I've said my piece. Who else is lurking out there?
        My very first electronic project was a Heathkit crystal diode
radio back in 1961.  I still have part of the case, but that's all.  When
in high school, I was able to afford some Heath test gear, all of which I
still have and use on occasions.

        I've recently finished my search for the SB series station that I
drooled over back then.  I bought an SB-301 at the Scottsdale hamfest last
weekend for a mere $125.  All I really wanted was the speaker for my
SB-310, but I was going to get a 301 sooner or later.

        I'm presently negotiating the purchase of a Heathkit 6-channel
analog computer.  It uses vacuum tubes for the operational amplifiers.
I always thought that the analog computer was an interesting piece of
equipment, more from curiosity.

        I have an SB-620 Scanalyzer that was set up for a 6.5 MHz IF.  The
Heathkit IF is 3.3 MHz or thereabouts.  Does anyone know where the coils
or coilforms can be purchased to convert mine?

        I gotta go.



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