hw16 again

Curtis D. Levin cdlevin at DIALISDN.COM
Tue Feb 24 12:29:10 EST 1998

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, WB9IOG wrote:

> SWR meter and tune for max output with the tune control and power level
> variable.
> Forget dipping.

OK, will do. I think the filter capacitor is gone. I get a hm coming
thru the speaker when I turn the vfo to OPR. Will check that later.

> you
> found the problem with reception quitting?? Sometimes the oscillators
> are tweaked
> to high and quit-the need to be backed off a bit or they quit
> oscillating.
> BTW its much easier if you have a frequency counter.

I retubed the receiver. Still no luck with the reception. I think
I'll try to clean the knobs too, but I haven't a clue as to the
oscillators, and what to do. I can't understand why it would work
so well on Saturday, and quit on sunday with nothing. Something
else is strange about it. The volume control does produce a noticeable
hiss, but the RF gain does nothing. I don't know if the meter is supposed
to see received sigs, but I get no deflection when a strong signal
comes in, at least not that I noticed on Saturday. The meter does work in
transmit mode. I am going to wait until tonite to get the unit operating
on 40 meters tho. Could just be the band is closed out, but I should be
hearing something. OK, I'll keep you posted. Still ain't sure yet, but
I honestly think I'm beginning to have fun :). 73, ttyl.

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