SB-630 timer.

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Wed Aug 1 12:10:16 EDT 2001

Hi to all,
Many tx to those who replied. The timer is alive and works better than
ever. I had to modify so guess the guys with the rusty knives will have
to go to work on my bod. Found a NOS P&B 2000 ohm plate relay in the Ole
Junque box. But only a SPST about the size of an OA2 and uses a tube
socket. So mounted a tube socket on the chassis. Boo Boo.
Built a voltage doubler to get 16v from the 6.3vac. Got two small 12v
DPDT relays and a chime from China Shack. Stuck them down with silicon
rubber. Looks pretty neat and I sure like the chime better than the
buzzer. Had to put a 4.7k resistor across the relay coil as it was too
sensitive. Otherwise no change to the timer circuit. Well that's my
confession so get out the whips and chains. Can send a JPG if anyone is
PS. A brand new Hallicrafters reflector was created by the City today.
All are welcomed.
See you there also.

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