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Hi Mike,
You should be able to reverse-engineer those things. Since there are five RC
elements that give a total of 180 degs phase shift, each element would shift
36 degs. The final R is outside the PEC -- on the grid of the oscillator. If
one assumes that the Rs inside are the same as the terminating resistor,
then the C would be of a value to give 36 deg of phase shift at the desired
frequency using the terminating R. (820 & 630 pf ??)

As an exercise, I did this calculation on the SB-101 PEC (where the values
are given on the schematic) and it works out.

Get your calculator out!!
73, Stu W6CUX

Who designed the SB0610?? Probably the same person that designed the HO-10.

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> While everyone is on the subject of the PEC's , the SB-610 uses 2 of these
> with different part no's for each. For the sake of asking anyone out there
> know what values are in EACH PACKAGE.  I could use this info for some
> Restorations-Repairs. Many Thanks to all.
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> Mike Shelton CET.
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