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Thu Aug 2 18:30:48 EDT 2001

Just like someone else posted before.
I Worked at a electronics part house for a few years... I remember selling very few of them in my lifetime and have only replaced a very few. I have been repairing electronic stuff almost everyday, for more years then I want to remember. I not back in the crystal set world. But I did start play in electronics around the time of  the 4 Pin & 6 Pin, Octals, Locktals and Eye tubes. Plus the 2 and 3 battery or AC radios that used the 1xx tubes.. . Does that make me old ???????

Now that I think about it, they were more popular then I thought. They were in everything, usually hidden under a pile of wires and no one ever looked at them. It like they were invisible.

Mostly used around tube stuff, from car radios, televisions, some audio stuff and tape recorders in tone circuits . Not in to many all American 5 tube radios to expensive. Central lab was not shy about the price as I recall. They were about two or three dollars in the mid 60. I almost forgot all about them totally, until I started repairing Mac computers years ago. Apple used then in a lots of their machines, except they have a 16 pin dip format and a few hard drives used them also..

Thank for the trip down memory lane Guys.

It's time for me to turn on the Atwater Kent and tune in Gang Busters...


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