Martin Tippin w0akg at AEROSURF.NET
Sun Aug 5 18:20:41 EDT 2001

Well.- replaced the Capacitor Bank, also blew the diodes,- replaced-blew the meter board diodes- replaced with a new meter board, now everthing works fine except-no Grid current- Driver has high SWRno ALC voltage. Looks like I'm going to have to pull the front off again to get to the ALC netwrok. Any Ideas ? By the way somebodys Virus got me last night , had to do a Quick Restore back to June 30 and conseqently lost all my Emails for the Month of July. Doug- I need the Web page for the guy that has the chips I'm looking for-that you sent me last thursday or Friday, thanks Guy's.
Martin  L Tippin   W0AKG
140 Monarch Lane
Branson, Mo 65616

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