Lunchbox package FS

rayfri rayfri at NETWORLD.COM
Mon Aug 6 19:29:09 EDT 2001

I have a Lunchbox package I  have decided to sell in order to make more
room in the shack.  Plus there's no AM activity here to put it to use
for so it
would just sit for sentimental reasons with me gazing at it
reminiscently  HI HI.
It includes a Sixer.... the version with the extra tube and oscillator
circuit mounted
behind the front panel in order to take the 8 mhz crystals... not sure
which version
it is.   Also a Twoer AND the vibrator power supply which was used with
for mobile work... AND power cord... AND an original Lunchbox
The transceivers are a good 9 on a scale of 10 condition-wise.
Will sell the package for $135 shipped or will consider a trade if you
something that catches my interest...   What would catch my interest?
any type of equipment except for test equipment..
Ray  wa7itz

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