SB-200 input SWR

John Q. jsluchak at PACBELL.NET
Tue Aug 7 10:00:19 EDT 2001

I am new to the list and new to this SB-200.  Running a Yaesu FT1000D
through a SB-200 with new RF parts (matched) 572b's. All Harbach mods
are installed.
I notice that when my internal tuner is turned off and I try to put the
signal into the active amp, I get extremely high swr. This clamps the
outgoing signal. I then turn on the 1000's internal tuner and it tunes
the output such that it is workable with the input of the SB-200.
Is this a common issue when solid states drive this tube amp?  With 100
watts tuned for input, I get only >400 watts out of the amp. With 150
watts driving, I can get 600 or 650 but at a plate voltage of over
500ma. Is that plate voltage too high and is 150 watts driving the amp
an incorrect driving power?
What can one expect in power (real watts) from an SB-200 driven by a
modern transceiver?
Jan Sluchak

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