Heath Apache For Sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 8 15:39:45 EDT 2001

Heath Apache for sale:

Cabinet has been repainted in correct Heath green.
Power cord has been changed out to 3-wire, both sides
fused (eliminated the "suicide" plug).  Transmit audio
has been modified by changing the two 510 pf coupling
capacitors in the pre-amplifier stages to "orange
drop" 0.01 mfd and the disc-ceramic 0.01 input to the
"clipper" filter had been changed to an "orange drop"
0.01 mfd.  This improves the "scratchy Apache" audio
considerably.  Original capacitors left mounted so can
be returned to original if desired.

Front panel is in very good condition and the rubber
feet on the cabinet are new.

Partial copy of manual (tune up instructions and
schematic) included.

$325 plus shipping from 75080.  Shipping weight will
be about 110 to 115 pounds.

Or, pick up in Richardson, Texas.

Glen, K9STH

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