Heath desk mic

Needham R Williamson Jr Williamsonr at PBTCOMM.NET
Sat Aug 11 21:43:24 EDT 2001

I just obtained a Heathkit desk mic and was curious as to it's impedance.
I'll try to describe as best as I can.  9.75" tall - It is the grayish
brown color with a red PTT switch (about 1.5" x .25") inset in a black
plastic holder in the base of the mic (Sort of like a doorbell switch
turned sideways). In the neck of the mic is a black oval hole plug (about
3" x .75") that has "Heathkit" heat embossed in white letters. Mic head is
sort of bullet shaped with a black trim ring around a wire mesh screen.
The element is bad - open coil in the winding.  It uses a matching
transformer in the mic head.

1) Impedance?

2) anyone got an element to sell!


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