Heath SB-620 wired for 455 Khz IF FS or Swap

Tom Guntzel TGuntzel at AOL.COM
Wed Aug 29 09:16:38 EDT 2001

I have just finsihed working on a nice SB-620.  The cabinet has been given a light overspray to cover paint rubs.  The front panel is perfect, all knobs original.  The trace shows normal brightness and the focus control has plenty of range in each direction.  Electrically I have tested the tubes and replaced any weak ones.  I have also replaced the high voltage capacitors.  It operates and show spikes as I tune accross the radio spectrum but the sensitivity seems a little low so it could probably use a little more adjusting. 2 of the 3 adjusting screws for the coils are missing the slot for a screw driver or alignment tool so it is hard to make adjustments, a pliers has to be used to grip and turn the brass screw.  It is built for an I.F. of 455 Khz and would work well with many vintage receivers.  Sold as is with a photocopy of the adjustment and operation section of the manual.  $260 including shipping to the lower 48 states.  I will swap it for an HQ170, RME 4300 or RME 435!
0 or other vintage receiver that
 recieves 160M.  Will also swap it towards a Collins WE S line receiver.  Other offers also considered.  Please email me if you are interested.

Tom G.

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