Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 30 16:23:30 EDT 2001

There is a black wrinkle paint available at auto parts
stores (I get mine at Pep Boys) manufactured by
Plasti-Kote called "Wrinkle Finish" #217 black.  You
apply it in three coats, each supposedly ten minutes
apart.  However, depending on the exact temperature, I
have found that it works better about 5 or 6 minutes

The instructions say to use it between 60 and 80
degrees F.  However, I have found the hotter the
weather, the better!  When the temperature is below
about 85 degrees, and especially when the humidity is
high, I have found that a "bake" in the oven at about
150 degrees helps greatly.

Then, after the wrinkle paint is dry, use the Heath
gray #110 from Total Electronics (Mike Shelton - he
reads the Heath reflector).  That paint is $9.95 plus
shipping per spray can.  The black wrinkle paint is
$4.95 a can (plus tax) in the Dallas, Texas, area.

The black wrinkle plus the Heath gray #110 is what I
use on the reproduction crystal doors for the DX-35 /
DX-40.  By the way, does your DX-40 have the crystal
door?  If so, you are very lucky.

The chassis itself is unpainted.  However, from the
text of your message I "assume" that you mean the

Glen, K9STH

--- Terry Hahn <w7kw at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

First,  the chassis needs a new paint job.  When I
picked up the rig someone had already stripped the
paint off the cabinet. Any help available with
painting the chassis?

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