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Leisman wb8baf at VOYAGER.NET
Thu Aug 30 21:00:42 EDT 2001

I'm offering these units to the group for one (1) week before they head
to the "bay" for diposal.

Prices do not include shipping from 48879.

SB401/ SB303:  Sold only as a pair.  Working pair.  Transmitter has
additional crystal pack for solo operation and full output into new pair
of 6146B's.  Receiver has cw filter and am filter and is sharp as a
tack.  Pair has been used to work lots of DX with good results.
Cosmetically these units are easily 8.5 - 9 out of 10.  They are indeed
twins.  No modifications.  Interconnecting cables included.  Manuals are
Heath copies, with full page schematics.  Well worth the asking price of
$275 for the pair.  No separate sales.

SB-102/ HP-23a/ SB-600 - Great radio, good receiver.  Transmitter needs
a new set of finals, but current tubes tune up just fine, only with a
little less rf than full output (80 watts cw).  Manual is a copy of the
original.  Cosmetically, this rig is beautiful.  No face marks or dents/
dings/ etc. All interconnecting cables included.  Asking $250 for the
entire group.

SB-303 Receiver - Beautiful rig, but needs some TLC to get her fully
operational.  Received signals can be heard, but they are weak at best.
I simply don't have time or the patience for this one.  Front panel is
recently and professionally painted and re-screened.  The cage could use
some touch up and possibly a re-paint as well.  Original manual included
along with the circuit board extender cards (2).  Asking $175.

SB-110a/ HP-23a/ SB-600 - Good radio, clean signal (but just not strong
enough), needs new finals though.  Current set of tubes gives only 20 -
25 watts out.  Receiver is excellent.  Cosmetically the rig is in
beautiful shape, an easy 9 out of 10.  Manual is a copy of the original,
but complete in all respect.  Asking $275 for the group.

SB-220 Linear Amplifier - Great amplifier.  Tubes are full out (1200
watts cw into a dumy load)  Cosmetically the amp is beauthful.
Currently set to operate on 220 vac (wierd plud included.  All the
Harbach options are already installed, ie: soft start, soft key, new HV
capacitator bank, new HV power supply board, new parascitic suppressors,
etc.  Manual is the original from when the rig was new.  Asking $725.
Shipping may be a bit more for this one since I'd like to ship in 2
separate cartons, one for the tubes, one for the rig itself.

E-mail me direct.

Dave, W8QW

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