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John Farrington jfarren at SAMLINK.COM
Sat Mar 13 15:09:58 EST 2004

On 3/12/04 Dale Jones wrote:

>Seeking information ,,where can I purchase the Crow Bar,  SCR NL576A for my
>Thanks Dale AA7XX

It's used to blow the 20 amp fuse in the DC output line;  I believe it's
just a 35 amp  1/4" stud-mount SCR, and many SCRs rated at 35A or higher
can replace it if they'll fit on the board.

eg:  NTE 5542 (35 amp)    NTE 5567 (80 amp)

The short terminal is the gate, the long is the cathode, and the stud is
the anode.

NTE does not list a direct replacement, probably because its an obsolete
part, but you can get to an NTE equivalent via other cross-reference sites:

Dale Wentz's page at

crosses the NL576A to a SPS135, which NTE does not list, but another
web site with a cross-reference page crosses that to the 2N3896:

and NTE crosses that to their NTE 5542.   NTE lists their distributors at

Also, Mouser in Texas

has the 5542 as their part #
for $9.63.


John    KE5ZB

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