HW 101 for sale

Roger Hensley hensley6 at LOCALNET.COM
Sat May 13 16:47:42 EDT 2006

It's time to put my HW 101 up for sale. I bought it to restore but just haven't 
gotten around to it.

It receives well.
It doesn't transmit. 
The mike that is with it didn't come with it but is supposed to work.
The manual is good.
The power supply is good.

The unit seems to be all here and just waiting for a person to go through it and 
get it right. I'm not going to be the one as I've had it a year and a half and it 
isn't any further along today than it was when I go it.

$70 +shiping will take it.

Roger Hensley kc9eji
Central Indiana Division, NMRA - http://cid.railfan.net
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