Some parting-out-an-SB401 parts

Hudson, Steve (RBI-US RCD) sdhudson at REEDBUSINESS.COM
Thu May 25 10:00:34 EDT 2006

Hi Folks --

Found the following left over from parting out an SB401. All plus shipping
from 30004.

Let me know if you need them. All plus shipping from 30004.

1. Front Panel. Panel shows some wear on the edges. One notable scratch
above and to the right of the meter cutout. $5
2. Brass bushing and hardware from FINAL positon on front panel. $1
3. Brass bushing and hardware fromn DRIVER position on front panel. $1
4. SB401 Antenna Relay. Wires cut near terminals but not removed. One coil
terminal about half way down. $3
5. 404-283 crystal filter from SB401. $15
6. Tank Coil 40-548 with tapered ceramic mounting feet. $5
7. TR relay. Wires cut close to terminals but not removed. $3
8. Chassis/front panel mount mike connector. $2
9. Test point and retaining clip. $1
10. A dozen chassis-mount RCA jacks (the ones that mount with two screws).
Wires cut but not removed. $5
11. 51-3 transformer. $2


Steve AA4BW

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