SB-104A station FS

Mel Vance icra at GALAXYNET.COM
Mon May 29 18:34:58 EDT 2006

This is from the estate of an SK....I am selling for the family, am not going to take a 
cent, would rather sell to a ham and not go through Ebay, and looking to get as 
much as I can for the family.....

SB-104A station including the following:

SB-104A in good working order and very good appearance

SB-604 PS in good working order, mod to switch 12V power to jacks on the front, 
does have some scratches on both sides....those on the paint are not too 
deep....only 1 goes to metal...trim has the most scratches

SB-634 station monitor in good working order, mostly looks very good except 2 
scratches on the top rear...1 on each side.....1 down to metal....

SB-221 AMP not tested as I do not have 220 available, looks fantastic....tubes look 
brand new and the whole AMP looks almost like it just came from Heathkit....have 
original credit card purchase receipt.

Manuals, box of parts/options/riser board, and desk mic

Would go for well over $100 on Ebay...I figure true fair market value between $800-
1200 based on what I have seen others on the web asking for their gear.

Shipping will not be cheap.......this stuff is heavy....figure East coast could easily hit 
$ you move through the shipping zones moving West, it will drop some.

Anyone interested should Email me off list for link to photos...


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