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Craig Willard cwill10041 at AOL.COM
Fri Jul 10 11:33:31 EDT 2009

Has anyone designed a remote control for the Heathkit Hero Jr.?  I was
going to attempt to use a Linear Delta 4-channel transmitter and receiver
to mimic the funtions of the RT-1 remote control which is the only option
not installed on my Hero Jr.(besides the RS-232).  This is a garage door
opener transmitter and receiver that should pulse the steering and drive
relays/motors.  Does anyone know if there any reason that this may not
work?  The transmitter is powered from 12VDC so that is not an issue.
There are 4 seperate outputs on the receiver that pulse when each of the 4
transmitter buttons is pressed.  I remember that the remote button #4 on
the Hero Jr. RT-1 returned control to the robot so I will have to trace
that lead and see where its going & connect that button accordingly.  Are
there any thoughts why this might not work?  Thanks in advance.

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