Re. SB-102 VFOs

Gordon Gwillim ve5uj at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jul 16 14:58:38 EDT 2009

My SB-102 contains a solid state VFO identified as being made by TRW as well. It was quite easy to dis-assemble and I was prepared for component changes because of some troublesome symptoms demonstrated in recent years.  I'll work on cleaning it up and reassemble it thanks to all the good information in the recent postings. 
The 102  had almost all of the other complaints written about here, and did indeed respond to the solutions that have been put forth on this list. 
At one time we would talk these problems over on 75 meter evening sessions and some times even got useful advice.  I miss the evening chats but these lists are certainly much more educational and to the point. 
Many thanks folks  ..... Gordon VE5UJ

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