[Heath] Heath SB200 Input

James A. Sutherin jsutherin at FloydBrowne.com
Mon May 16 11:08:12 EDT 2011

I'm finally getting my SB200 on the air. I noticed when driving it with
a TS570D I had very little grid current, I suspect a metering problem
and will address this later, however I had an SWR meter inserted between
the 570 and the SB200 and it indicated a high swr >4:1 on 80 meters and
also on 40. I also noticed I could not get much of a dip with the plate
and loading controls. My HV was about 1800v which I also suspect as the
metering voltage divider which I am addressing with a new rectifier /
cap board replacement. 


My question is there any way to check the tuning of the input  for
better drive? 





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