[Heath] Vintage Heathkit call station accessories + oscilloscope

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Mon Mar 3 04:57:07 EST 2014


I just joined this email group.  I have some vintage Heathkit call station
accessory components, plus a Heathkit oscilloscope passed on to me from my

These were assembled by him, and knowing him well, I am certain they were
crafted well.  He was a high school  electronics instructor in San Mateo CA
during the silicon valley heydays, offering a three year program that
produced students who were recruited.

As far as I can determine, the ham radio call station accessories were never
used.  He obtained his ham license and call letters, but never established a
ham station.  My best guess is that these instruments were stored in his
closets for at least the last 35 years.  They look ³like new², but I quite
frankly have no idea about their current condition from a functional

In my internet search, I eventually made a contact with wa8zvo@ juno.com,
who I am very grateful to for explaining what these instruments are, and who
might find value in them.  A portion of his email to me is copied below to
best explain these instruments:

The units are what we 'hams' call station accessories.  The SB-610 is a
monitor scope that allows operators to check the performance
of their transmitter and receiver visually. The can see signals and check
for distortion, interference, etc.  The SB-620 is called a
"Scan-alizer" because it shows radio signals that are near your own,
slightly up or down from your operating frequency.  The SB-630 is
called the Station Console and has a power meter, timer and 'phone patch'
unit that connects the radio to the phone lines so the ham
can provide a 'phone patch' for other hams away from home, etc.  These are
usually sought after units for collector and Heath 'fans¹.

Regarding the oscilloscope, it too seems to be in excellent condition, but
again I have no idea of it¹s functional condition.  The only identification
on the face of the instrument is ³Model 10-12².  It is likely of the same
vintage, but likely was used in his classroom, is my best guess.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these instruments, or
if you can point me to others who may be interested, particularly if they
can be beneficially used.

Bob Chapman

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