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Robert Myers rsmyers at rogers.com
Sat Oct 1 20:52:34 EDT 2016

Hi again folks,



I posted an ad trying to sell off a heath station last week (see bellow for
items and pics) and got no takers.  The equipment is nice,


I have decided I will give all of these items (no charge, free) to anyone
who simply come and pick them up.  I won't pack and ship though.


I have to say that I think this is a really great thing for someone who
would like these rigs, if you can drive for a few hours you might want to
consider it.  If you know someone that might want them, please tell them.
If you live in Montreal or in Toronto I think it would be just something you
could do on the weekend.  Northern NY state is not far either.


I hope someone takes them!



Robert Myers, VE3JQL

Ottawa Ontario K1G1R7 Canada



Hi folks,


I am selling off a complete HF Heathkit station - relatively cheaply.  You
will have to pick it up, I am not interested in packing and mailing.
Pictures are (or should be showing) at



I welcome any comments or suggestions,




SB-401  transmitter (tube type).

SB-303  receiver (solid state) with noise blanker (which you can turn on and
off) and all the crystal filters. $100


The above two rigs join together with coax cables at the back allowing you
to control them on separate frequencies when on the same band, or have them
both 'locked' and running on the receiver's frequency.


SB-600 #1  speaker.

SB-600 #2  speaker.

SB-650  digital frequency display (nice nixie display tubes).

SB-610  station monitor scope (shows keying waveforms and SSB modulation).

SB-630  station console (clock, phone path, SWR, timer) <-- Yes, the clock


SA-2060  HF antenna tuner.

HN-31  'Cantenna' full legal limit oil filled dummy load.



--- Rob Myers, VE3JQL


Location: Ottawa Ontario K1G1R7



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