[iptv-users] Discuss about network topology

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Are you asking about the transport network or the access network?


In regards to the access network, most access vendors have a mechanism to in their ONTs to manage the multicast streams and IGMP requests.  Our vendor, Calix, for example, uses an OUI mask to differentiate the upstream traffic requests (whether it be IGMP or other unicast traffic, both untagged at that point) and then places that upstream traffic in the appropriate IP TV VLAN.




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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to know more about your network topology to run IpTV apart from customer connection, and what sort of equipament are you using the delivery all contents to your customers?

Nowdays I'm working with RFoG over GEPON, but in further we'll go run IpTv, and i wanna hearing something from you about that.


Welisson Tome
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