[j-nsp] link protection of 5.4

online johnliu@online.sh.cn
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 22:24:20 +0800

Hi, All,
In JUNOS5.4, TE link protection feature,I found if we protect a give LSP
whose path is manually strict defined, even configuring link-protection
in LSP and RSVP, the link protection and head-end re-calculation can't
We found when it's ok, the protection LSP is ok(2 LSP setup). During the
protection situation, because there's no way to the manually defined
strict path, the headend can't setup a new LSP replacing the old one.
At the same time, link-protection LSP is down, can't carry the traffic
before the new LSP re-calculated.
What's wrong?
Liu Jun

root@pe2> show mpls lsp extensive
Ingress LSP: 1 sessions
  From:, State: Dn, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: pe2tope3
  ActivePath: (none)
  Link protection desired
  LoadBalance: Random
  Encoding type: Packet, Switching type: Packet, GPID: IPv4
  Primary   main             State: Dn
    Computed ERO (S [L] denotes strict [loose] hops): (CSPF metric: 20)
 S S
   17 Aug  1 20:08:15  CSPF failed: no route toward[6 times]
   16 Aug  1 20:06:08  CSPF: link down/deleted
   15 Aug  1 20:06:08  CSPF failed: no route toward
   14 Aug  1 20:06:08  CSPF: link down/deleted
   13 Aug  1 20:06:08  CSPF failed: no route toward
   12 Aug  1 20:06:08  Deselected as active
   11 Aug  1 20:06:08  Session preempted
   10 Aug  1 20:06:08  Down
    9 Aug  1 20:05:50  Link-protection Down
    8 Aug  1 20:04:29  Link-protection Up
    7 Aug  1 20:04:20  Selected as active path
    6 Aug  1 20:04:20  Record Route: