[j-nsp] Problems with OSPF stub area (Juniper and Cisco)

Matti Saarinen mjs@cc.tut.fi
08 Nov 2002 08:50:26 +0200

Avram Dorfman <avram@juniper.net> writes:

> On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 01:31  AM, Matti Saarinen wrote:
> >      No, I don't have such a route. But, now I looked at Cisco's
> >      configuration again and noticed the the following command
> >      under the atm interface's configuration.
> >
> >       ip ospf network broadcast
> I believe that makes it pretend that the interface is a broadcast,
> causing a different representation in the LSDP, DR election, and
> type2 LSA generation, etc.

     Yes, that's what it does.

> I'm a little surprised the adjacency became full, with the two
> routers disagreeing on the link type.

     So am I. Unfortunately I cannot check the configuration the Cisco
     at the other end of the ATM PVC has but I think it must have the
     same conf as the Cisco at our end has eg. ip ospf netowrk
     broadcast. I did set up a similar configuration just to debug
     things. When the Cisco I used had interface configured as
     broadcast the OSPF adjcency state machine got stuck at the
     ExStart state. Everything worked fine when I removed the
     broadcast statement.

> I'd love to see the router LSA's for those two routers, while that
> command is active.

     I can try to capture that for you. I already contacted the
     university who administrates that router and asked them to check
     their configuration. It is always possible that there's a some
     soft of software bug which doesn't show up between two Ciscos.

> I suggest that you are better off having the routes. Can you add a
> /32 from the range to a loopback somewhere? More importantly, why do
> you need this route in OSPF if there are no destinations from it in
> the area?

     I'm sorry but I don't understand. There is a /25 which belongs to
     that area and it doesn't show up in the forwarding table. That's
     the problem I have. I'm sure it'll go away when somebody checks
     the Ciscos configuration.
     Cheers and thanks,

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