[j-nsp] rpd crash

Richard A Steenbergen ras@e-gerbil.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 00:27:10 -0500

Ok so, I have been asked to pass this little problem along from a friend
with an M10 and no support contract.

It seems every 2 minutes or so, rpd crashes with the following assertion:

rpd[737]: RPD_ASSERT: Assertion failed rpd[737]: file 
"../../../../../src/juniper/usr.sbin/rpd/bgp/bgp_rt.c", line 3620: 

The temporary fix is to disable BGP peers which send full transit feeds
(not accepting the routes doesn't help, the sessions have to be completely
disabled). It originally started when someone *cough* pulled a PIC without
halting it properly, but it has persisted across reboots, power-offs,
reseats, etc. I thought I had managed to clear it a couple months ago, by
disabling BGP for a few minutes and then reenabling, but after a reboot it
seems to have come back.

My guess is that there is a ghost interface still being looked at (though 
why the BGP code would be checking interfaces is beyond me), so if anyone 
has any suggestions on how to clear that sucker out I'm all ears. 
Otherwise, maybe someone with access to the source could tell me more 
precisely what is causing that crash.


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