[j-nsp] Advertising a default route from JUNOS

Neil Stirling neil.stirling at nortelnetworks.com
Fri Apr 4 14:30:09 EST 2003

I agree with 1 & 2.

But with 3, OSPF only allows you to export policies at the global level
(unlike bgp global, group & neighbour import/export ability).
Need to keep the LSDB's the same.............

neil at lab001# set protocols ospf ?
Possible completions:
+ apply-groups         Groups from which to inherit configuration data
> area                 Configure an OSPF area
  disable              Disable OSPF
+ export               Export policy
  external-preference  Preference of external routes
> graceful-restart     Configure graceful restart attributes
> overload             Set the overload mode (repel transit traffic)
  preference           Preference of internal routes
  reference-bandwidth  Bandwidth for calculating metric defaults
  rib-group            Routing table group for importing OSPF routes
  route-type-community  Specify BGP extended community value to encode OSPF
route type
> traceoptions         Trace options for OSPF
> traffic-engineering  Configure traffic engineering attributes


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Hi Rich,

a Juniper's KB view note deals with the subject : Note 652
(if you have access to the kb).

Roughly, here are the steps described in the note :
1. create a static route w/ and discard, 
2. create a policy to export that route, 
3. include the policy in the neighbor statement for the neighbor to whom you
want this to apply. 



# Hi,
# We've got a few M-40's handling our transit which get full internet 
# routing tables via BGP.  In turn, we want them to advertise a default 
# route via OSPF to all the internal OSPF capable routers.
# I was wondering what's the best way to do this on a Juniper.  
# Is there an
# equivalent of the "default-information originate" and 
# "default-network"
# commands or is there a better implementation under Junos?
# Cheers,
# Rich

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