[j-nsp] VPLS

fraanro fraanro at arrakis.es
Mon Apr 14 19:44:37 EDT 2003


    I am trying to configure VPLS using JUNOS 5.7 and I have a couple 
of doubts:

   - Will all traffic of the VPLS go through the Tunnel PIC? Known 
unicast and unknown unicast/broadcast/multicast
   - Which is the performance I can expect?
   - If I have several Tunnel PICs, which is the criteria to load 
balance traffic? I mean, is a "virtual port" associated to a PIC, and 
all traffic for that virtual port goes through that PIC? is a whole 
VPLS associated to a PIC?
   - Is there any way to configure a full transparent service (tagged 
and untagged traffic), that is for all the vlans comming on the 
ethernet/gbe port?

Thanks in advance.

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