[j-nsp] VLAN-CCC and Routing on same physical interface

Mourad BERKANE mourad.berkane at lambdanet.fr
Tue Apr 15 14:18:32 EDT 2003


you can mix L3 traffic (IP) and L2 traffic (VLAN-CCC) on the same physical
GE interface by respecting VLAN ID Range for VLAN-CCC.

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Hi, List

I am wondering whether the following setup is possible:

An M5 with JunOS 5.6R2.4 router with GE PIC with CCC support connected
to our backbone with ATM interfaces. Can we use both IP routing and
VLAN-CCC on the same physical interface?

Will this configuration be correct?

interfaces {
    ge-0/0/0 {
	encapsulation vlan-ccc;
        unit 3 {
            description "Routing VLAN";
            vlan-id 3;
            family inet {
            family mpls {
		mtu 1546;
	unit 600 {
	    description "CCC test"
	    vlan-id 600;
            encapsulation vlan-ccc;

Best Regards,

Stefan Stefanov
Orbitel, Inc.
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