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IOS has options for med=0 vs med=max (not the actual syntax) that determines
how the lack of a MED is interpreted. JUNOS does not. If not mistaken, we
always consider no med as a MED of 0.



bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst
To have Cisco IOS software consider a missing Multi Exit Discriminator (MED)
attribute in a path as having a value of infinity, making the path without a
MED value the least desirable path, use the bgp bestpath med
missing-as-worst command in router configuration mode. To return the router
to the default (assign a value of 0 to the missing MED), use the no form of
this command.

bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst 
no bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst 
Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or keywords.


The software assigns a value of 0 to the missing MED, causing the path with
the missing MED attribute to be considered the best path.

Command Modes

Router configuration

Command History

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> If we have two otherwise equal routes, one without a MED and 
> one with a MED set, which one is preferred? Is a route 
> without a MED considered equal to a MED of 0, so any route 
> with a MED will have a lower priority than a route without a 
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