[j-nsp] MED

Blaz Zupan blaz at inlimbo.org
Wed Dec 3 14:00:47 EST 2003

>> If we have two otherwise equal routes, one without a MED and one with a MED
>> set, which one is preferred? Is a route without a MED considered equal to a
>> MED of 0, so any route with a MED will have a lower priority than a route
>> without a MED?
> Yes, your correct.
> This is also answered in Knowledge Base note 1125 on Junipers Customer
> Support site.
> https://www.juniper.net/kb/

Thanks to all who replied (privately, as well). Might I suggest that a note
about this be added to the documentation on setting the MED, where one would
expect to find it?

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