[j-nsp] rate limiting question

harry harry at juniper.net
Mon Dec 8 18:39:56 EST 2003

Another rule of thumb, especially for high-speed links (> OC-12c) is to set
the max-burst to a value that represents 3-5 milliseconds of line rate

As you point out, a 20 M vs a 50 M limiter may well use the same burst size
parameter. The main concern is setting too small a burst, which can make the
policer seem broken because throughput is measured below the configured
bandwidth limit.


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> Hi folks,
> Got sort of a basic question in regards to rate limiting. I'm 
> trying to figure out a good method of determining what to set 
> the burst to. The docs say that a decent measure is 10x the 
> MTU but I'm not certain thats the best method. (ie, limiting 
> someone to 20 megs vs 50 megs, the burst period etc would 
> necessarily vary, right?) So what sort of best practice do 
> people out there use for their setups?
> -Wayne
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