[j-nsp] MPLS in MPLS

Hannes Gredler hannes at juniper.net
Mon Dec 15 12:23:42 EST 2003

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 09:58:15AM +1100, Dmitri Kalintsev wrote:
| Hannes,
| I thought that Bert wanted _RSVP_ established LSPs over one RSVP established
| LSP. Please correct me if I'm wrong but LDP tunneling is not what he's aking
| for (all LDP tunneling does is allows establishment of LDP peer sessions
| over RSVP LSPs). I'm not quite sure if RSVP over RSVP LSP is possible at
| all. :)

sorry seems i was reading to fast; LDP tunneling actually does not 
establish the LDP session over the RSVP tunnel it just sets up
a LDP session between two endpoints of an RSVP session; the
resolver then makes use of the RSVP tunnel;

RSVP over RSVP is currently not supported; can you pls shed some light
why does one want to do RSVP over RSVP ? pls provide an application
example plus drawing;


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