[j-nsp] advertised route count

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Fri Dec 19 14:28:36 EST 2003

Is there an easy way to obtain a count for the number of advertised routes
on a specific peer? By easy I mean, easier than show route adv bgp x.x.x.x |
count and then subtracting out the number of blank and header lines? I 
don't see anything in show bgp neighbor, which is the logical place I 
would assume this would be (right next to the Active prefixes and Received 
prefixes counts).

Also, is there a command I just can't seem to find, or any plans to add a 
command under "show route" that matches only the paths selected "best" 
and/or are installed for forwarding? "show route whatever | except \*" 
works if you're fine with "terse", but not for much else.

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