[j-nsp] Dissapearing Route

Dave Aaldering dave at isp-services.nl
Mon Jan 6 13:53:30 EST 2003

Hi All,

I have a strange problem with a directly connected route which
dissapears when the link is shortly disconnected.

In this example I have 2 Juniper routers connected using Gigabit Ethernet,
but the same has happened with E3 interfaces.

Anyway, the machines are connected with gigabit ethernet, and they have a /30 in
between of them.

[box1] .1/30 ---------- .2/30 [box2]

What happens is if the phisical link between the machines is disrupted
for something like a minute and I plug it back in, the juniper seems to
not use its Directly connected route again.

-If I am to do ping .1 on box2, i can see the requests come in on box1.

-If I ping .2 from box1, using the bypass-routing and interface options
it works perfectly.

-Show route .2 shows both the Directly connected route for the /30 as well as the
local adress within the /30, .1 is listed as active routes for the destination.

-a static route like set static route .2/32 next-hop .2 fixes this

It lookes like the short disruption of the phisical link somehow
"deactives" the directly connected route?

If you have any idea, please let me know, thanks in advance.


Dave Aaldering

http://www.isp-services.nl/noc/  --  http://www.as24875.net/

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