[j-nsp] cflowd

Antal Rutz arutz at mimoza.pantel.net
Thu Jan 16 17:59:59 EST 2003


I have to collect information about the traffic based on AS numbers.
I thought the best would be to export some statistical sample in cflow
format and manipulate this data on a remote machine collecting the flow
with flow-tools.
OK I configured my router (M10 - 5.4R3.2), but I always get for srcAS
and dstAS '0'. Both with version 5 and 8.

version 8:
srcAS  dstAS  in     out    flows       octets      packets     duration
0      0      30     0      3           248         3           36098

version 5:
srcIP              dstIP              prot  srcAS  dstAS  octets packets    1     0      0      6312        6

Could someone tell me why juniper flow format doesn't support AS numbers
or what I'm doing wrong?


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