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jgrewal j.grewal at in.spectranet.com
Tue Jan 21 09:34:33 EST 2003

Hi Everybody,

my question is....can we have one queue assigned to different interfaces and make that queue work independantly on each interface??

Is anybody have any solution to following:

We have a customer connected to our M5 on two sub interfaces and we are running two BGP sessions with him. His both the circuits are rate limited on sub interfaces to 10 MB. Now he wants that at any given time if one of the circuit is used less and other circuit have more bandwidth demand then the second circuit should be able to use first circuit's bandwidth and vica versa....is this possible with juniper????its ok if we need to change his circuit to one and then achive this on ip based rate limit or through queues or any other possible way.....

Pls if anybody have some sample configuration on this ...send me...it would be gr8 help for me....


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