[j-nsp] Rate Limiting base on SCU and DCU

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Fri Jan 24 14:53:32 EST 2003

Hi Daryl,
Thanks for your reply.
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> Hi there,
> >Anyone try to configure rate limiting base on SCU and DCU ?
> Yes, it works. No problem at all.
> >what is the differential between source-class and source-class-except ?
> source-class         Match source class
> source-class-except  Do not match source class
> >Is the source-class-except mean it will accept the class that I have
> define?
> It is totally opposite of what you just stated.
> >When I do the testing using TCP and UDP, seem like TCP work according to
> the
> >rate limit but for UDP will drop immediately and connection lose.
> No problem when i test TCP or UDP using Smartbits.
> Regards,
> Daryl Wan
> CCIE #7261, JNCIS-M

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