[j-nsp] Re: ping mib and juniper ping mib

Pablo Varela Batanero pablo at pabloylola.com
Thu Jul 10 19:31:30 EDT 2003


I'm having similar problems. I think I'm able to set the Routing Instance Name correctly
but I never get the RowStatus any different than notReady.

I set the Rotuing Instance Name as follows:

snmpset -v2c -c wrcomm 'jnxPingCtlRoutingInstanceName."wrcomm"."testname"' s MY_ROUT_INST_NAME

using Net-SNMP on a Linux box.

Does anyone know what variables you have to set in the table to get RowStatus to active?

Best regards,

> Hi
> Within the context of a MPLS VPN on Juniper, I'm trying to set the "ping
> mib" to ping from a PE to either another PE (egress side) or CE (ingress
> side).
> From within that first PE I can execute 'ping routing-instance raj_hub
>' where raj_hub is obviously my routing instance and
> is the ip on the ingress side of the CE. This appears to work.
> So to effectively achieve the same using the ping mib I'm trying to set
> * pingCtlTargetAddress to (0xc0 0xB2 0x32 0x11)
> * pingCtlAdminStatus to enabled(1)
> * pingCtlRowStatus to createAndGo(4)
> and using juniper ping mib setting
> * jnxPingCtlRoutingInstanceName to raj_hub (0xA2 0x8D 0x98 0x37 0x25
> 0x96 0xA5 0x8E)
> Does anyone know if this should work?
> When I set 'jnxPingCtlRoutingInstanceName' to raj_hub, it seems to not like
> this. Can someone advise me on what the syntax is suppose to be. I just
> converted it to the ascii equivalent as (0xA2 0x8D 0x98 0x37 0x25 0x96 0xA5
> 0x8E), but I keep getting inconsistent value when I try to set the variable.
> raj 

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