[j-nsp] allow-command question

Nicolas Fevrier nicolas.fevrier at telindus.fr
Mon Jul 28 17:13:48 EDT 2003

Hi Mourad :))

Nop, it doesn't make any noticeable difference (quit or "everything
with quit")

class VIEW_ROUTE {
    idle-timeout 3;
    permissions view;
    allow-commands "(^show route|^quit)";
    deny-commands .*;

viewer_route at PARIS> ?
Possible completions:
  show                 Show information about the system
viewer_route at PARIS> quit
unknown command.
viewer_route at PARIS>



# isn't it 
# allow-commands "(^show route|^quit)"; 
# deny-commands .*; 
# instead of 
# isn't it allow-commands "(^show route|quit)"; 
# deny-commands .*; 
# R/ 
# Mourad 

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