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Josef Buchsteiner josefb at juniper.net
Fri Jun 6 13:03:21 EDT 2003


Friday, June 6, 2003, 8:52:33 AM, you wrote:
> Hello all,

> I am new in Juniper router. I have a question.

> How do I monitor trafic which is on transit in interface cards ?

> I was told by someone that command "monitor traffic interface" is only monitoring traffic on the particular interface towards Routing Engine, not the transit traffic. Is it true ?

  this is correct. Since this command is running on the RE and we don't
  pass  all  the  transit traffic to the RE you can only monitor those
  who  are  destined  to  the  RE or sourced  This  command is the
  equivalent of tcpdump

  > Is there a command or procedure to monitor transit traffic on particular interface ?


> Thanks in advance.

> Yuki
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