[j-nsp] JunOScript question

Phil Shafer phil at juniper.net
Fri Jun 13 12:36:08 EDT 2003

Harshit Kumar writes:
>Try this ...
> <get-configuration> <configuration> <policy-options/> </configuration>
>To get "show config interfaces" do this 
> <get-configuration> <configuration> <interfaces/> </configuration>

You'll need to add database="commited" to get same output
as "show configuration ...". It defaults to the candidate
configuration database.

  <get-configuration database="commited">

>I missed one point. How do I get a portion of the configuration in XML

I'm a bit rusty on the perl stuff, but it looks like you just need:

 $jnx->get_configuration(database => "commited", configuration = $dom);

where $dom is a dom tree containing "<configuration> <policy-options/> </configuration>".

(Which is a bit tacky. We should be able to make it just:

 $jnx->get_configuration(database => "commited", configuration = "<policy-options/>");

I'll confirm this and PR it if need be.)


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