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Magnus Eriksson merikss2 at csc.com
Sun Jun 22 01:15:43 EDT 2003


My company have ordered 2 M5's a couple of days ago with the Next-day 
support package. These will be our first Junipers.

 According to the homepage Next-day includes TAC/CSC/Software.

We are located in Sweden. 
Will we be able to download JUNOS? 
Is download right determined on a case by case base or is it specific 
areas where downloading is not allowed (i.e EMEA vs US)??


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On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 01:35:11PM +0100, variable at ednet.co.uk wrote:
| On 20 Jun 2003, Robert Kiessling wrote:
| > Be happy that you can download yourself at all. That's a luxury not 
| > legit juniper customers enjoy.
| Ack that.  Would love to get comment from Juniper as why this is.  We've
| paid for software updates and support, why shouldn't we have direct 
| to them?

we won't discuss our access policy here -

pls contact your local sales/customer service rep. to
make sure that you receive appropriate access privileges;

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