[j-nsp] uRPF - Performance

Rob Walton robert.walton at dante.org.uk
Mon Jun 23 19:35:05 EDT 2003


         We (DANTE) have enabled uRPF right across 90% of our border 
interfaces and we have seen zero performance degradation. Many or our 
access circuits are as high as 10G so i would say that you would have no 
problem with 600Mbps.

         I would recommend you investigate the different implementations 
and understand the differences between strict, feasible path and loose as 
to avoid and unexpected behavior though. ;o)


At 12:25 23/06/2003 -0500, Jack.W.Parks at alltel.com wrote:
>We are looking to enable uRPF on our M-series routers (M20's and below).
>The benefits of enabling this feature are obvious, but the unknown side
>effects are what I'm concerned about.  What performance impact could I
>expect by enabling uRPF at a peak traffic flow of 100k pps/600Mbps?
>Has anyone enabled uRPF on their network and do you have any lessoned
>learned?  I would like to iron out the quirks prior to deployment.
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