[j-nsp] uRPF - Performance

MichaelLyngbøl michael at lyngbol.dk
Mon Jun 23 20:48:35 EDT 2003

On 23.06.2003 12:25:01 +0000, Jack.W.Parks at alltel.com wrote:
> We are looking to enable uRPF on our M-series routers (M20's and below).
> The benefits of enabling this feature are obvious, but the unknown side
> effects are what I'm concerned about.  What performance impact could I
> expect by enabling uRPF at a peak traffic flow of 100k pps/600Mbps?


> Has anyone enabled uRPF on their network and do you have any lessoned
> learned?  I would like to iron out the quirks prior to deployment.

Yes. We use it extensively on customer ports without no problems at all.

Be sure to check up on your routing so you're not rejecting valid
traffic from the customer.


Michael Lyngbøl -- michael at lyngbol dot dk
Network Architect, AS3292 TDC, IP·backbone

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