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There is a performance drop from 40Mpps to 12.5Mpps when use anything other
than standard plain routing... if you have a firewall-filter configured, it
already has such a penalty in place.Although it's 125 times your peak
traffic flow, you should consider the peak traffic that a DoS attack can
generate on the router, not your usual traffic. Even than, it's very
unlikely that usual configurations of M-5, M-10 and M-20 interfaces can sum
up to that amount.


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| We are looking to enable uRPF on our M-series routers (M20's and below).
| The benefits of enabling this feature are obvious, but the unknown side
| effects are what I'm concerned about.  What performance impact could I
| expect by enabling uRPF at a peak traffic flow of 100k pps/600Mbps?
| Has anyone enabled uRPF on their network and do you have any lessoned
| learned?  I would like to iron out the quirks prior to deployment.
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