[j-nsp] 5.7R2.4 another issue: OSPF authentication with Zebra

Matti Saarinen mjs at cc.tut.fi
Thu Jun 26 10:19:18 EDT 2003

I wrote

> More things showing up with 5.7R2.4. Now, OSPF authentication
> doesn't seem to work at least with Zebra. The authentication with
> the same configuration did work while using 5.6R2.4.

     And this issue is already solved.

     I got access to the Zebra. In its configuration there were two
     keys defined for the interface: one with MD5 and one without.
     When the key for non-MD5 authentication was removed, the
     adjacency between Juniper and Zebra became full.

     I wonder why the configuration did work while using 5.6R2.4.

- Matti -

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