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Luis Palacios luis at juniper.net
Mon Jun 30 16:53:03 EDT 2003

Luis Eduardo, 

Verify which terminal type you are using:

lab at asterix> show cli    
CLI complete-on-space set to on
CLI idle-timeout disabled
CLI restart-on-upgrade set to on
CLI screen-length set to 51
CLI screen-width set to 140
CLI terminal is 'xterm'              <========== !!
CLI is operating in enhanced mode
CLI working directory is '/var/home/lab'

And try to change it to a terminal type that match your
'telnet/terminal emulator'...

lab at asterix> set cli terminal ?       
Possible completions:
  ansi                 ANSI-compatible terminal
  small-xterm          Small (24 line) xterm window
  vt100                VT100-compatible terminal
  xterm                Large (65 line) xterm window

If you want to set it up permanently for your console/auxiliary ports
you can use:

system {
    ports {
        console type <type>;
        auxiliary type <type>;

You cannot set it for telnet/ssh, as they both send the terminal
type. In that case, depending on where you are sited (unix/windows),
there are diferent methods to preset the terminal type.


On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 02:57:32PM +0200, Luis Eduardo Dmaz Zazo wrote:
> While entering a juniper router by the console port and using the root user,
> I am able use the arrow keys to repeat the last command. But if I use the
> console port with any of the other users - no matter the level of access
> they have - or I use the telnet, I can't use the arrow keys.
> Any idea why this happens, and how I can have the arrow keys always working?
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