[j-nsp] juniper simulator?!?!

Joshua Smith joshua.ej.smith at usa.net
Tue Mar 4 01:59:36 EST 2003

another newbie question - is there a juniper simulator?  i have heard
of 'olive' but don't know what it is or where to get it...our routers
don't arrive for two weeks, but i was hoping to get a feel for junos
before that time



btw - thank you to everyone for the feedback on the books, i am going
to the bookstore tomorrow to see which one 'reads better' for me :-)

"Walk with me through the Universe,
 And along the way see how all of us are Connected.
 Feast the eyes of your Soul,
 On the Love that abounds.
 In all places at once, seemingly endless,
 Like your own existence."
     - Stephen Hawking -

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