[j-nsp] Problem with Juniper M10 and Catalyst5500 PVC link.

Jose Carlos Perez Gomez jcarlos at cesga.es
Wed Mar 12 13:06:13 EST 2003

we are changing all the main links of our network form a Cisco 7206
router to a M10. And we found a strange thing.

Our colleagues of the university are conected using a atm Lane, linking
their Catalyst 5500 and our Cisco router. 
We configure a PVC between the Catalyst and our M10...
In the M10

        unit 5 {
            description RECETGA-PONTEVEDRA;
            encapsulation ether-over-atm-llc;
            vci 204.204;
            family inet {

In a intermediate LS1010 we change the pvc from 204,204 to 0,1001 

Then, in the Catalyst 5500

interface ATM0
 atm preferred phy A
 atm pvc 1 0 5 qsaal
 atm pvc 2 0 16 ilmi
 atm pvc 1001 0 1001 aal5snap
 atm bind pvc vlan 1001 204

routing card
interface Vlan204
 ip address


If we test the conectivity using ping, it goes OK. Even whith big size
packets... But when we start to route all the traffic trough this
link... 20-40% of packest lost. The traffic is only 10% or less of the
avaliable bandwidth.

Does anybody has a similar problem? Or the same situation without

Any idea?


Jose Carlos Perez Gomez
Network Manager
Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia
Avda. de Vigo. s/n (Campus Sur)
15706 Santiago de Compostela
Tel 981 569810 ; Fax 981 594616
email: jcarlos at cesga.es

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